Fluorescent Dye Penetrant Inspection


Our state of the art brand new liquid penetrant system, supplied by ATH NDT is an ideal platform for the inspection of small to large batches of fasteners and aerospace components in a cost-effective way without compromise on quality.  Together with our degreasing tanks you can be assured the components will be inspected precisely and up to aerospace standards.

Our inspectors are qualified to PCN Level 2 – DPI & (Aerospace)

Penetrant line items – (Aerospace Inspection)

Hot Degreasing tank – Components are immersed into the tank and agitated in a diluted alkaline agent heated up to 40°-50° Centigrade.

This separates any oil, grease and foreign matter left on the component from the machining stage, thus ensuring that the penetrant can coat the entire surface without obstruction from foreign matter.

Cold water tanks – On the same unit there are 2 cold water tanks that also agitate the water.

Oven – To dry the components.

Penetrant tank – Items are immersed in dye penetrant and then allowed to drain in the large capacity penetrant tank.

Wash station – Excess penetrant is removed with a water gun at a maximum 2 bar of pressure and then the excess water is blown off using an airgun.

Oven – Components are transferred into the temperature controlled oven which regulates the temperature over the time stipulated in the written procedures.

Storm cabinet – A fine powder of developing agent is agitated and is controlled by a timer, when the time is up the powder settles on the component. When the storm cabinet door is open, the excess powder is then removed from the component by means of an airgun.

Viewing booth – Components are then viewed under UVA conditions for assessment.

Fluorescent dye penetrant is the preferred method for detecting surface defects for machined parts and particularly aerospace components due to the dye being more sensitive to smaller defects which makes them significantly more detectable to a skilled aerospace inspector.

fluorescent dye penetration

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