Welding Inspection Services


Our 3 Main Welding Inspection Services are –

Welding Procedure Qualification (WPQR) & Welder (WQT)

Draft Welding Procedure Qualifications and monitor from start to finish so the WPQR will be acceptable to the relevant specification and customer requirements which could involve witnessing Mechanical Testing (Tensile, Impacts, hardness, macro and bend tests) of the sample at a Test House and Ultrasonic or Radiography and Magnetic Particle Inspection (If required).

Once the WPQR is established and results are within the specification welders employed by the company are to be coded by welding a sample known as a WQT –

i.e. Fillet, Full Penetration Butt Weld and ‘T’ Weld to name a few and inspected to the same requirements as the WPQR.

These are also to be monitored by the CSWIP 3.1 Welding Inspector from material allocated to testing and on successful completion the welder is qualified to work on production welds according to the limitations on his qualification code.

Fabrication & Welding Inspection (Including Visual Inspection)

Our Inspectors are qualified to CSWIP 3.1 in Welding Inspection and to PCN level 2 in Visual Inspection to satisfy most clients preferred qualification authority to a particular contract.

We can take control of all your welding inspection needs to ensure that welds produced conform to the implemented standards and specifications.

Please see below our main duties –

• Witness production of steel from the mill to ensure it that it conforms to specification and the material has full traceability including Heat / cast numbers.

• Make sure the correct consumables are being used, in date and stored correctly.

• Witness welding and offer any advice.

• Monitor Pre-heating and Inter-pass temperatures.

• Witness preparations and fitting up of the structures and advise if required.

• Check finished welds conform to the relevant standards / specifications and drawings.

Corrosion Survey and Paint Inspection
Our Inspectors are qualified to BGAS-CSWIP Paint Inspection Grade 2 and have sound knowledge of corrosion, surface preparation, coatings, environmental constraints.

We can advise on the best action to take regarding minimising / reducing the affects of corrosion.We use the latest measuring equipment when performing paint surveys.

Leg Length of Fillet WeldLeg Length of Fillet Weld

Throat Size of Fillet Weld

 Throat Size of Fillet Weld


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